Members Competitions

Men’s Competition Rules & Conditions (Revised August-2018)

Entry: To enter a competition a player must ensure the following before starting to play:-

  • For all Singles competitions, Swipe his/her card through the reader in the Pro Shop or enter his/her GUI / ILGU  membership number if the card is not available
  • He/she is entered on the BRS timesheet for all singles and team competitions
  • The identifiable entry fee has been paid. On the BRS system most competitions are designated ‘prepaid’ and the members account will be debited to secure the booking;
  • If a competition is cancelled after players start, such fees will be credited back to their accounts.

Members will be charged the competition fee if they do not attend for their reserved tee time. If a member is unable to play he/she must remove their booking by the time stipulated by the Men’s or Ladies Committees (currently 10pm the night before play) for automatic refund.  In certain circumstance members may seek refunds in writing to the Competition Committee if their non-attendance was caused by events of urgent or serious nature.  Members MUST ensure:-

  • their score card is fully completed
  • enter their score into the computer in the locker room for Club Singles competitions and post the score card in the box located in the locker room.

Times of Starting and Groups: The player shall start:-

  • At the time reserved on the BRS time sheet or as instructed by the pro. In the absence of such a time sheet, in turn on the basis of pairing off upon arrival, under direction from the Pro Shop.
  • At the time laid down by the Competition Committee (in respect of specific competitions).

Players shall not compete in a competition prior to the official start time except with the permission of the Competition Committee or Pro. Normal start time in the summer is 07.30am and later times set down at other periods of the year.  Players shall not compete in a competition after the last designated tee time on the time sheet unless they have the permission of the Competition Committee or Pro.  Competitors shall remain throughout their round in the group as arranged by the Competition Committee or Pro unless a major reason arises and such must be reported to the Competition Committee or Pro Shop on completion of the round.

Match Play: The Conditions under which Club match play competitions are to be played shall be laid down by the Competition Committee and displayed on notice boards, web forum and draw sheets. Members must familiarise themselves with these before playing matches. All match play competitions shall be played under the jurisdiction of the Men’s/Ladies Competition Committee

Time Sheets: When Time Sheets are in operation players:-

  • May reserve a maximum of three names including himself/herself for three ball events and a maximum of four names including himself/herself for four ball events;
  • If playing in a competition shall not insert names in unallocated time slots for that particular competition;
  • Shall not play unless they have an allocated time slot (i.e. may not cut in between groups);
  • Be present on the tee box and ready to play, five minutes prior to their designated start time, having checked in at the Pro Shop first. Failure to tee off on time may result in players being penalised;
  • Must notify their opposition/playing partners in good time if they are withdrawing from the event. (Reserving a time slot is a commitment to play with and/or mark other player’s scores on that time slot).

Handicap Rules and Allowances: The rules and allowances that shall apply for handicapping are those prescribed by the Golfing Union and set out in the CONGU Unified Handicapping System (latest revised edition 2016 – 2018). Players are asked to familiarise themselves with the system.  In all Club Competitions including Semi Opens, Invitation and Open events as organised by the Competition Committee, the only handicaps acceptable and recognised for prize eligibility shall be for players of affiliated Clubs.

The Handicap Committee shall have power to reduce a Member’s handicap provisionally.

The upward movement of handicap will apply as soon as practicable and only applicable when entered in the players’ record on his/her own club’s computer system. Players may not make an upward adjustment of their own handicap – Clause 20.9. Players must continue to reduce their handicap following open singles immediately (Not society golf) – Clause 21.11.

An away performance sheet is posted on the Handicap notice board in the locker room for members to report away performances.  The host club reports these performances but it is also the player’s responsibility to report these to their home club.

Male Juniors Conditions of Competition

  • Male Junior members with a handicap of 15 or less may participate in weekend club competitions and are eligible to compete for all prizes, except for GOY events. Junior male members who are eligible to participate in men’s competitions may play in men’s Golfer of the Year events but will be competing for separate Junior prizes and the Gross prize only.
  • Male Junior members that hold a handicap of more than 15 and have been recommended by the Pro to be of acceptable ability and responsibility to participate in men’s competitions may also compete in men’s competitions as above.  The Men’s Committee will decide, on an individual basis, if the proposed junior member may take part in men’s competitions on a case by case basis.
  • Male Junior members who do not meet the above criteria may not play during men’s competition times until such time they meet the entry criteria as set out above. Members in such category may play in Junior Competitions.
  • All Male Juniors with an official handicap may play in all Open, Semi Open and Invitation events. However Juniors under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult who also holds an official handicap.

Teeing Ground: The stipulated round commences from the first tee and consists of playing the holes in sequence prescribed by the Competition Committee, unless otherwise authorised by them.  There are four tee positions for each hole, White for Club and Major events (Men); Green for Society and other competitions as deemed by the Competition Committee; Red and Lilac for Ladies. Players must tee off on the correct tee for each competition. Players may tee the ball between the markers, but not ahead of them. It is allowed for players to tee off up to two club lengths behind the marker, except when mats are in use.  When mats are in use players MUST stand on the mat and MUST tee their ball on the mat. 

Priority:  Players in a competition shall have precedence both in starting and through the green over parties playing ordinary matches including temporary members.  Two ball matches shall have priority on the course and be entitled to pass three ball or four ball matches.  A single player has no standing and shall give way to a match of any kind.  A match playing a whole round is entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round.

Pace of Play: Groups shall play without delay in accordance with pace of play guidelines as laid down by the Committee.  Players are expected to keep their place on the course directly behind the group in front rather than immediately in front of the following group. If any player in the group notices that they are losing pace with the group in front he/she must bring this to the attention of his/her playing partners and all have a responsibility to speed up and regain ground on the group in front.  If a group fails to keep its place on the course and loses more than one clear hole on the players in front, it should invite the group following to pass. Players searching for a ball shall signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found; they shall not search for five minutes before doing so. They shall not continue to play until the players called through have passed and are out of range.

Players have a responsibility to ensure their normal pace is up to that expected for play and if they are often losing ground they should make adjustment as to how they manage their round.

Slow play will be penalised under rule 6-7. In addition:-

  • Competitors playing in an Inter Club or Club Championship Match should, if practical be extended the courtesy of being called through a slower group;
  • Players in a Club Competition shall have priority over players who are not competing;
  • The maximum grouping allowed is four players, unless otherwise authorised by the Competition Committee or Pro;
  • Players are also requested to pay attention to course signs regarding where trollies and buggies are prohibited and to respect roped off areas using the gaps for entry to and exit from greens. These are designed to protect the course from damage.

Score Cards: In the absence of Competition Committee issued labels for score cards, which contain the date and competitors name, all competitors MUST date and name their own cards. Members MUST also write their playing handicap on the card.

In the norm:-

  • Players should not mark their own card but score one of their playing partners;
  • A competitor should not mark or alter his own score card;
  • The appointed marker is responsible for checking and recording the competitors score and for any alterations identified;
  • Normally scores should be recorded on completion of each hole;
  • Score cards should be marked and signed before entering the Club House, except where adverse weather dictates otherwise. Members are reminded that failure to sign the score card will result in disqualification.
  • Returned scores must not be disclosed to a player who has not yet started in the competition.

Members are requested by the Competition Committee to total their scores for each competition and enter their total for the event in the place provided on the score card.  All singles scores MUST be entered into the computer and the card returned as soon as possible after the round, whether the player completed the course or not. Failure to enter a score into the computer for a Club Singles Competition could result in that player being sanctioned (see Notification of Sanctions below)

Non Return of Cards in Qualifying Singles Competitions: The Club will apply the CONGU recommendations. These may be viewed online on ‘CONGU UHS Rules’.

The 0.1 increase in handicap may not apply if you fail to submit a completed score card as outlined above.  If there are genuine reasons a player or group have to terminate their round they should send a written explanation to the Handicap Secretary by email to within three days. If the Handicap Committee accepts the reason the 0.1 will be allowed.

Disputes and Rules of Golf: Any dispute or doubtful point should firstly be reported to the competition committee as soon as possible. If a member is unhappy with the outcome on the rules or dispute he/she can appeal to the relevant Men’s/Ladies Committee whose decision shall be final.

Deciding Tied Scores: The manner in which ties are decided will be by matching score cards to determine the winner based on count-back, as approved by R&A Rules Limited.

  • Competition of 36 holes: On the result of the second eighteen holes, and if there is still a tie, as set out in (b) competitions of 18 holes.
  • Competition of 18 holes: On the result of holes 10 to 18 and if there is still a tie, on the result of the last 6 holes, last 3 holes, last hole and if there still be a tie, by lot.
  • Competitions of 13 to 15 holes: On the result of the last 9 holes played, and if there still be a tie, on the result of the last 6 holes, last 3 holes, last hole, and if there still be a tie, by lot.
  • Competitions of 12 holes or less: On the result of the last 6 holes played, last 3 holes, last hole, and if there still be a tie, by lot;
  • If the Competition Committee allows play to start at 10th and 1st Tees simultaneously the last nine holes for the purpose of deciding ties will be from 10th to 18th

Prizes and Presentations: Notice will be sent to all competition winners and notice of official presentations will be posted on the notice board in advance.  Prize winners of Golfer of the Year competitions are expected to attend Prize Presentations as a courtesy to our Officers, Sponsors and Members. If due to exceptional circumstances a member is unable to be present he/she must nominate another person to collect the prize on his/her behalf and inform the competition secretary that they are unable to attend.  By not abiding to the above could lead to the prize being forfeited. Prizes for other weekly competitions will be available for collection in the Pro shop.  The Club will not be responsible for the safety or security of prizes not collected. A prize not collected within one month of presentation will be forfeited.

General Conditions: The Competition Committee reserves the right to:-

  • Refuse entry to a competition citing the reason;
  • Correct any mistakes made in the checking of score cards;
  • Alter published competition or conditions if it is deemed necessary up to the time the competition commences;
  • Cancel any competition due to insufficient entries or to postpone or abandon it at any stage due to exceptional circumstances.

If, for any cause the Course Superintendent, Captain, or in his absence the Vice-Captain, Pro or any other Officer or member of the Club duly authorised by the Men’s/Ladies Committee, consider it expedient to postpone or abandon any competition, he/she shall have the power to do so under any circumstances, and at any stage of the competition

New Members

New members who have been allocated a handicap in Kilcock after submitting 3 cards must play a minimum of 3 qualifying 18 hole club competitions in Kilcock before being eligible to win any of the GOY competitions. However they are eligible to win any of the other prizes during this period. This does not apply to members who have transferred handicaps from another club and who have played 3 qualifying 18 hole competitions in the past 6 months in their previous club.

Qualification for Captain’s and President’s Prizes

To be eligible to win the Captain’s and President’s prizes members must have played 3 qualifying 18 hole competitions in Kilcock Golf Club since the 1st January that year, prior to the Captain’s/President’s qualifying competition. The committee may change this in exceptional circumstances e.g. non qualifying conditions in place for an extended period due to bad weather.

Mandatory Conditions of Competition for all clubs from the GUI:

  1. Eligibility: To be eligible to compete in a Singles Qualifying Competition at an Away Club, except for all events listed in the GUl’s Tournament Conditions Book, a Member of a GUI Affiliated Golf Club must have returned at least three scores in Singles Qualifying Competitions at his Home Club, at any time on or after the corresponding date one year before the Singles Qualifying Competition at the Away Club.
  2. Entries: The use of a GUI Member Card is mandatory for members of clubs affiliated to the Golfing Union of Ireland for entry into all Open Singles Qualifying Competitions, which shall be by Computer Entry and uploaded to the CDH following close of Competition.

Accidental Movement of a Ball on a Putting Green

When a player’s ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent, or any of their caddies or equipment.

The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced as provided in Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1

This local rule applies only when the player’s ball or ball-marker lies on the putting green and any movement is accidental.

Note: If it is determined that a player’s ball on the putting green was moved as a result of wind, water or some other natural cause such as the effects of gravity, the ball must be played as it lies from its new location. A ball-marker moved in such circumstances is replaced.

Wrong Score for Hole Exception to Rule 6-6(d)

If a competitor returns a score for any hole lower than actually taken due to failure to include one or more penalty strokes that, before returning his score card, he did not know he had incurred, he is not disqualified. In such circumstances, the competitor incurs the penalty prescribed by the applicable Rule and an additional penalty of two strokes for each hole at which the competitor has committed a breach of Rule 6-6d. This Exception does not apply when the applicable penalty is disqualification from the competition.

Qualifying Competitions for Golfer of the Year (Men)
The following 11 competitions will count for Golfer of the Year, all of which will be stroke competitions

  • Captains Prize Qualifier
  • President’s Prize Qualifier
  • Vice Captains Prize
  • Lady Captain’s Prize to Men
  • Professional Prize
  • Six Medals

The 7 lowest nett scores from the above 11 competitions to count for GOY.
A tie for “Golfer of the Year” will be decided on the player’s best individual score/scores

So to win GOY you must play a minimum of 7 GOY competitions

Please note: Flex members are not eligible to win the Nett GOY as is the current situation. However they will be eligible to compete in the Gross GOY and the new GOY Category prizes.

Where players have the same total, players are ordered by best last 9 holes (summed using the players’ best scores). If there is still a tie, the best last 6 holes are matched (then last 3 holes and finally best last hole, as required).

The best 7 rounds by each player count towards their total.

COUNT identifies the number of scores counting for each player.

Qualifying Competitions for Golfer of the Year (Ladies)

  • Lady Captain’s Prize
  • Captain’s Prize to the Ladies
  • Lady Vice Captain’s Prize
  • Six Medals
  • President’s Prize to the Ladies
  • Professional’s Prize to the Ladies
    Placing in Competition       Points
    1                                                        15
    2                                                       12
    3                                                        9
    4                                                        7
    5                                                        6
    6                                                        5

A tie for “Golfer of the year” will be decided on the points scored in the Lady Captain’s Prize. Failing this, on the lowest net score over 2 days in the Lady Captain’s Prize

Notification of Sanctions

For Non Attendance (no-Show)

If you book a time slot and are unavailable to play, you must remove your name from the timesheet by the time stipulated by the Men’s or Ladies Committees (currently 10pm the night before play). If a member fails to appear for his allotted tee time the competition fee on the day will be automatically deducted from his BRS account and a possible fine of €20 for repeat offenders.  Suspension from the timesheet until the fine is paid and a request for an explanation to the Competition Committee for the no-show may also be imposed.

Team Events:

If a member cancels his/her allotted tee time resulting in his/her partners not being able to play in a team event, the member MUST pay the appropriate competition for all other players on his/her team and/or line.

Non return of score cards:

In a small number of cases the incidence of not returning score cards after singles competitions is still occurring and this has an effect on compiling results and on the standard scratch of the day.  Competition cards must be returned and entered into the computer. A weekly report will be issued for all members who fail to return their score card. If a member commits more than two breaches he will be requested to explain the incidents to the Handicap Committee. The handicap committee reserve to right to impose sanctions on repeat offenders



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