Notice of The AGM of the Joint Club – 3rd December 2018


Date: Monday 3rd December at 8:30pm

The Annual General Meeting for the Joint Club will be held in the clubhouse on Monday 3rd December at 8:30pm.

Notice of motions , in respect of matters appropriate to the business of the Joint Club, must be made in writing to the undersigned on or before Monday 19th November. Such notices will be posted on the Men’s and Ladies’s notice boards from Wednesday 21st November 2018. Amendments to motions may be accepted at the meeting without prior notice.

Download Nomination Form Here

Completed Nomination / Consent forms for election to any Honorary Office on the Joint Management Committee or as Members of that Committee must also reach the undersigned on or before Monday 19th November 2018. A complete list of nominees for election, together with the names of the proposers is available in the clubhouse, pro shop and on the Members Section of the website.

The minutes of the Joint Club AGM on the 4th of December 2018, Notice of Motions and Club Accounts 2018 can be viewed and downloaded on the Members Section of the Club’s Website from Wednesday 21st November 2018.

1. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2017
2. President’s Address (Brendan Tyrrell)
3. Honorary’s Secretary’s Report (P.J. Gannon)
4. Honorary Treasurer’s Report (Peter O’Toole)
5. Appointment of Tellers
6. Election of Officers and Members of Committee
7. Appointment of Auditors
8. Motions
9. A.O.B.

Please Note: Mass for deceased members will be celebrated at 7:30pm in the clubhouse prior to the AGM

P.J. Gannon – Honorary Secretary